Category: Children

Aiden’s Arrow of Light

Last week I had the awesome opportunity of documenting a very special boy getting his Arrow of Light.  Aiden is such a kind and caring boy. He takes care of others especially when they are very young, (which for someone his age is very rare.)  I’ve been able to watch him grow up in our neighborhood all his life, and if there was someone around us who’s qualities I wish might rub off a bit on my own children, it would be this sweet, caring young men.  Congrats to you Aiden!  I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!

Excited to be Baptized

Last Friday I had plans to take all my boys and get some pictures in Salt Lake.  Dad was at the end of his current class, and he would have a bit of time to help with reflectors or whatever else would be needed, and Charles just turned 8, so of course we needed some pictures of our baptism boy!  (He is extremely excited!)  So it rained… all day.  However, when it comes to my plans I get very determined, and since we were also getting ready to attend a wedding in Salt Lake I decided we were shooting pictures anyway… even if we were going to find a building and shoot inside.  So we got to Salt Lake, and picked up my husband Robert, and it continued to be a very grey, rainny day.  We traveled up to the wedding in the hopes that at some point it would let up enough to take a few portraits of my newly turned 8, soon to be baptized beautiful boy, and as we were leaving the reception… it did.  It was still extremely grey, but it was dry!  I got out my speedlite to help with any dullness caused by such grey clouds, and Robert held it with my diffuser in front, which made a nice little soft box for a nice soft light on my boys.

So we conquered the rain, and we improved the light, now the only real trouble we were dealing with was… how to catch a tired two year old!