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Dasek’s Do it Again!!

We succeeded in taking a Fall Portraits!!  Wahoo!!  I think my kids have gotten use to freezing smiles on their faces while I run back and forth to the camera.  This year was a bit easier then running around the park after my 3 year old like I did last year, trying to get a decent shot!:)  Now if we can just work on Alex letting us do his hair right away instead of chasing him around the house for 15 min. so we could leave on-time, pictures would be a dream!  It can be daunting, but we did it!!  I’ve already started getting my mounted prints!  Metals come today and my canvas on Thursday!  Merry early Christmas to me!!


The McCumbers

I’ve known Mary Gillins McCumber since my family moved to Utah from Arizona.  She lived behind me. We played together as kids and then she moved away and we saw less and less of her.  A few years ago her new, small, family moved back from the east where Mary became an ER doctor, and we began to get together again for summer BBQs and Christmas parties, picnics and lunches.  It’s been so much fun getting to know you again Mary, and so much fun spending time with your beautiful family and capturing these beautiful moments!   Until next time!


The Larson Family

In September I was privileged to photograph the England’s.  An extended family group of 9 families and I was able to take portraits of many of those families that day. However, before I was done with all the portraits that needed to be take it got dark and so we extended that session to make sure we had beautiful portraits of Camie Larson’s family.  I’m so glad we met again to take them, they look great!


The Whole England Clan

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve gone out with my family on multiple occasions trying to find the perfect location for the extended family of a dear sweet friend of mine, Alison England… and one evening we found it!!  Beautiful colors, grasses, trees, and especially, mountains!!  What a beautiful place to spend a lovely afternoon taking photographs a wonderful people.  And Wow!! Did you see that family photograph? The one with all the families!!  Isn’t it awesome!  Thank you England family for a wonderful day!  I hope we do it again soon!


Meet the Wayment Family

Last spring I had the opportunity to photograph Allison and Brian England and there family.  Just a couple weeks ago, I was privileged to photograph the Wayment side of the family, which was Allison’s extended family.  What a fun experience for me!  I love getting to know new families and having fun with all the crazy kiddos… and this family had quite a few kiddos!  What great kids, and beautiful families! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a fun night! I hope you all enjoy your portraits!

My Sweet friends, The Petersens

Last Saturday, early in the morning, I met Carrie, Scott and the kids at the Kayscreek Parkway in Layton.  Their session last year was one of my first families on my blog, so we’ve turned full circle!  I always have fun with this family!  They are kind and patient parents, and there kids!!! Look at those faces! So perfect!  I just love every photo, and I hope you do too Petersen family!!  Till next year!!  Enjoy!:)


Englands at the Botanical Gardens

About a month ago I went to the Ogden Botanical Gardens with Allison England and her son Zach and photographed his senior images. Last week I was able to take beautiful photos of their family once again at the Ogden Botanical gardens.   We had to postpone a couple of times, but it finally stopped being windy and stormy for a few days and we were able to get some wonderful images.   Until next time England family!  I had a great time, and your family is just simply delightful!  Enjoy!

The Lovely Boams

Last Tueday I met the Boams at Jensen Park in Syracuse for a family photography session.  It was a beautiful evening!  The weather was perfect after weeks of grey, rainy days.  I always love being around their family.  I’ve known Julie for years.  She taught yoga classes for our church at the same time I taught cross training classes.  We’ve supported each other in church choir on numerous occasions, and I have taught Bella voice and piano lessons for over a year now.  Some people are put in your life to brighten your days with a hug or a smile, to help you when you need it, to always give support… and Julie is definitely one of those people for me.  Boam family, I hope you treasure your images, it was a pleasure creating them for you!

Blossoms and the Thomsons

So I’ve decided it is not easy to find blossoms in the Springtime, that are in bloom, in an orchard or field that doesn’t cost, in the right light, and… during a time that’s not freezing or raining!  However, I thanks to a friend of mine, we found a pretty beautiful place, and we had a very large blanket to keep then kids warm while I was photographing!!  Beautiful flowers, beautiful light, and beautiful children equals beautiful photographs, and that is exactly what we got.  I hope you love you portraits Thomson family!

The Lovely Vickers

Last Tuesday I took pictures of the Vickers.  I love this family, and had such a great time with them.  It was funny because we’ve gone to the same church for years, I visited there home on a regular basis with church for awhile, but for some reason I could not, for the life of me, get Jaycelyn’s name right… she was McKaylee, McKaylee was Mckaylee… probably a good thing I didn’t call Colsten McKaylee!:)  I hope she forgives me!  The were so sweet and super helpful with my lights, and tripod, and everything.  Such a great family, can’t wait until next time! (and maybe we’ll do it when it’s a bit warmer!:))