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My Special Mom Friend

My boys and I, (husband included) had a special weekend with my very special friend Jayne Ward. She moved away from us last year after our Papa passed, and we miss her terribly.  She was our mom, grandma, garden specialist, entertainer, choir buddy, babysitter, mentor, and most of all one of my very best friends.  I never met anyone so quick to make friends, and so committed, charitable, and full of unconditional love with everyone she meets.  I hope everyday that I can start to be a little bit like my special mom friend Jayne Ward.

She moved to Emmett, Idaho, which is a very lovely, very small city in Idaho near Boise. In the City there is one grocery store, one very small movie theater, and the population is around 6300.  My high school growing up was almost 2000!  It’s a very quaint, slow moving beautiful place.  The boys went fishing one afternoon while we were there, and I walked around Boutiques with my lovely friend.  No better way to spend the day!  While I was there I wanted to take a portrait for her children to have of there lovely mother.  She doesn’t have very many pictures of herself.  So I decided it was time to change that, because she’s beautiful, and because I wanted one in my home!  Jayne Ward I love you!

Love Me Some Little RedHeads!

Last Friday I was able to go out and shoot portraits of Chloe and Brynn Jorgensen.  I might be biased, (it might be that they were little redheaded girls, and I was blessed with all little sandy blonde boys,) but these girls are so adorable, and it was so fun being with them!  Thanks to Breann for letting me be apart of your Friday night, and playing with your cuties!  Hope you enjoy a selection from the shoot!