Category: Maternity

Beautiful Mama on a Drizzly Day

Brittany’s maternity session was set up for Friday.  Chance of rain was small.  It was quite overcast, but it’s been a grey sort of a week.  About an hour before the session it started to drizzle, then rain.  No problem!  We rescheduled for the next day!  There wasn’t any rain in the forecast so we were in the clear… until 15 minutes after we got there when the rain started…  no kidding!!  It was a grey, chilly, drizzly, photoshoot.  However, I don’t think Brittany’s portraits could be more beautiful.  What a lovely beautiful mama she is!  I’m so excited to meet little man number 2 and take some more pictures!  Welcome to the all boys club Bowlers!!

My Beautiful friend Kelly

The Brunsons are having another sweet little girl, so I went out with Kelly on Tuesday to capture some maternity portraits before she arrives.   We love Brunson girls at my house!  It might be because they are so sweet, or maybe it’s because they were soooo cute, and I’m surrounded by boys… I don’t know.   I’m just so grateful to my friend Kelly, and all she does for my family!  I’m also very excited to meet there new little one when she arrives!

A New Little Shakespear

     Tonight I went out with my sister Kaydee to take some maternity pictures.  She is so gorgeous, and her pictures turned out beautiful.  Thanks so much for letting me take them!  We are so excited for the Shakespear’s and for the new little one to run around with our crazy bunch of cousins!  Here is a little teaser from a very beautiful, but very cold January shoot!