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Love Me Some Little RedHeads!

Last Friday I was able to go out and shoot portraits of Chloe and Brynn Jorgensen.  I might be biased, (it might be that they were little redheaded girls, and I was blessed with all little sandy blonde boys,) but these girls are so adorable, and it was so fun being with them!  Thanks to Breann for letting me be apart of your Friday night, and playing with your cuties!  Hope you enjoy a selection from the shoot!

Welcome to the world Bennett McKay

It was wonderful to be a part of my nephew’s birth last Thursday.  Bennett McKay was 20 1/2 inches long and 8.3 pounds!  He was also born on his due date which was awesome.  I will always remember the experience for his beautiful birth, and also that when he was born I was trying to get the best photo I could.  I was hoping along the top of the couch with my camera to my eye I fell right off the couch and onto the ground.  I was a little embarrassed and sore, but Bennett is big, beautiful, and sweet as can be.  Thank you Shakespears for letting me be a part of your special day.

Playing in the Studio

I’ve never shot in a studio before, so the other night my friend Heike Bammann and I had some fun playing around in hers.  We moved lights all around, learned to meter for studio lighting, and posed each other.  I now have a understanding of how awkward posing can be!  It was a lot of fun, so I thought I’d post a couple favorites.  Thanks so much Heike, we’ll have to get together again soon.


A New Little Shakespear

     Tonight I went out with my sister Kaydee to take some maternity pictures.  She is so gorgeous, and her pictures turned out beautiful.  Thanks so much for letting me take them!  We are so excited for the Shakespear’s and for the new little one to run around with our crazy bunch of cousins!  Here is a little teaser from a very beautiful, but very cold January shoot!


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