Love Me Some Little RedHeads!

Last Friday I was able to go out and shoot portraits of Chloe and Brynn Jorgensen.  I might be biased, (it might be that they were little redheaded girls, and I was blessed with all little sandy blonde boys,) but these girls are so adorable, and it was so fun being with them!  Thanks to Breann for letting me be apart of your Friday night, and playing with your cuties!  Hope you enjoy a selection from the shoot!

One observation on “Love Me Some Little RedHeads!
  1. Breann Jorgensen

    Got the chance to watch Stephanie do her magic with my little red heads, she did a beautiful job and made my girls look perfect! And it was no easy task either, Brynn did not want go take pictures and kept running away but Stephanie still found some perfect moments! She is a wonderful photographer. Thank you for my memories!


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