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Athletico for the win!!

On Friday was another soccer game.  Grey and rainy all morning, but most of that cleared out so we could enjoy our Athletico boys against AYSO United once more!  If my memory serves we won 7 to 4…. I think… what matters is they had fun!!  Always great to watch these games, see them improve, and have fun with an excited crowd!  Until next time… Athletico, Ole, Ole Ole!!!


Athletico! Ole, ole, ole!!

This week my son Charlie’s competition soccer team started the season off in a big way with 2 games! They did such great job and it was so fun to watch!  One of my favorite parts of the 2nd game was about once every 3 minutes or so you’d hear my little 3 year old doing the team cheer, “Athletico, ole, ole ole!”  This was accompanied by a little dance a lot of enthusiasm!   We are rooting for you Athletico!!  Here’s to a great season!  Athletico, Ole, ole, ole!!