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Memory Lane

A couple weeks ago I went down to Murray Park in Salt Lake City and photographed the extended family of one of my dearest friends, Carrie Jensen Sawyer.  I love the Sawyers! … and the Jensen’s! and the Clarke’s! and the rest of the gang!  We grew up next to each other, played together, went to church activities together, and went to dates together.  However it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the whole family… and all of their beautiful kids!  I was so excited I was invited to come and photograph such an amazing family!  Thank you so much!  So good to see you all!


In the Canyon with Adam and Kayler

So last week I had fun with a good friend of my up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  Heike Bammann and I photographed Kayler Poglajen and Adam Dimond with the beautiful backdrop of wildflowers, forest and mountains.  The night was gorgeous, our models were perfect, and we couldn’t have asked for a better landscape.  Just exquisite.  We had just enough time for beautiful backlighting, an awesome sunset, and dresses.  Lot’s of dresses!  Thank you Heike, Kayler, and Adam.  It was such a fun, wonderful, night!  I hope we do it again soon!!




Jessica and Cesar Get Married

Jessica Saari and Cesar Alvarado got married on July 17th at the Cathedral of the Madeleine.  It was such beautiful day.  Their wedding at the cathedral was gorgeous, full of love, and supported by friends and family.  There reception was really so much fun!  I took portraits at there line as there guests arrived, in the gardens of their wedding party, of the cake cutting, of the dating game, of their friends giving speeches, and lots of images of dancing, because there was lots and lots of dancing!  Jessica said during the night that she had always wanted her wedding day to be a day when everyone had a really great time.  It was Jessica!  Everyone was dancing, laughing, and celebrating Jessica and Cesar’s beautiful day! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!  It was really a wonderful night!


Sara Arrington FNP

Last week a good friend, and neighbor of mine, said that her sister needed some new headshots.  Sara Arrington is opening Heart and Soul Family medicine on April 5th, so we got out and photographed her right away.  I’d never met Sara before but after a couple hours of being with her I feel like we’re already good friends.  She was kind, gentle with my kids, and you can really tell she cares about you.  I wish her the best in her new family practice!!  Hope we get to do it about really soon!

Beautiful Mama on a Drizzly Day

Brittany’s maternity session was set up for Friday.  Chance of rain was small.  It was quite overcast, but it’s been a grey sort of a week.  About an hour before the session it started to drizzle, then rain.  No problem!  We rescheduled for the next day!  There wasn’t any rain in the forecast so we were in the clear… until 15 minutes after we got there when the rain started…  no kidding!!  It was a grey, chilly, drizzly, photoshoot.  However, I don’t think Brittany’s portraits could be more beautiful.  What a lovely beautiful mama she is!  I’m so excited to meet little man number 2 and take some more pictures!  Welcome to the all boys club Bowlers!!


I love posting sneak peaks of my sessions, I admit it!  This session is no exception.  This family is just adorable and little Maverick is just the sweetest!  Very typical of little ones his age he was shy at first, but once he realized the strange lady with the really large camera was not going away, he quickly relaxed and we all had a lot of fun!  It was great to be with you Richardson family!!  Hope you love your portraits!

Paul, Kaydee, and the Kiddos

The other day I was able to spend some time with my younger sister Kaydee, and take some pictures of her little crew.   We played with a lot of squeaky toys and tossed the lion! We also did some singing, and had some candy… which I admit I have found very helpful with kids, and I am not above using for some smiles!  I love your beautiful family Kaydee!!  Thanks for letting me spend the evening with you!

And then he was three…

The last time I took my families pictures my baby was turning 2.  On Friday he turned three, and yes we did it again!  My boys are so handsome, and I love them so much, I can’t resist capturing them as they grow and become sweeter, and smarter, and more irresistable.  I love you my little men.  Thank you for letting me be your mommy!

Strikers Cup!

Here’s some more of our boys from the Strikers Cup!  They are quite photogenic!  If your child isn’t here he will probably be in the next batch.  I would like to know if you parents run with you tongue sticking out!?  I don’t think I do, but our kids do…  all of them, and I have the proof!  Enjoy the photos, and let me know if you need a larger size of a picture.

Caroline and Scott

Last Tuesday I went to the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake to take Bridals Portraits of the lovely miss Caroline Carr.  Surprising Caroline and her mother Jennifer walked up with her fiance Scott.  So that was a real treat for me!!  I was able to take formal pictures of them together which was so fun!  I had a great time!  The gardens were beautiful!  I always think it’s funny that there is such a pretty place in such a crazy area of downtown Salt Lake!  Oh well, it was very peaceful there, and the weather was gorgeous!  We couldn’t have asked for a better night!  Congrats Caroline and Scott.  I’m so happy you found each other!

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