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Memory Lane

A couple weeks ago I went down to Murray Park in Salt Lake City and photographed the extended family of one of my dearest friends, Carrie Jensen Sawyer.  I love the Sawyers! … and the Jensen’s! and the Clarke’s! and the rest of the gang!  We grew up next to each other, played together, went to church activities together, and went to dates together.  However it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the whole family… and all of their beautiful kids!  I was so excited I was invited to come and photograph such an amazing family!  Thank you so much!  So good to see you all!


Zach is going on a Mission!

What a pleasure it has been in the past year and a half to photograph and get to know (as much as you can through photography sessions) this handsome young man!  It all started with Zach’s Senior portraits at the end of last school year, then we took his family portraits, and then we photographed the Wayment family (his mother’s side, and then the large England family. (his father’s side).. and now we’ve come full circle back to Zach and his missionary portraits!  What I have learned about him is that he is kind to others, honors his parents, courteous, considerate, shy, humble, driven, and obediant, and because of those traits will be a wonderful missionary!  Zach also loves being in front of the camera!  Ok that last part is not true… but obviously he is good at it, because they look awesome!  Zach our prayers will be with you, have a wonderful mission!





Our Thorne boys are Lookin’ Sharp!

Valentine’s day was awesome for me!  I went with my buddies Bryce and Aiden, (and their mom Trina, who is my friend:) to the Ogden temple.  Bryce is turning 8 soon and getting baptized, and Aiden is turning 12!  Such wonderful accomplishments!  I’ve watch these two grow up… literally.  I moved into my house almost a year before Aiden was born.  For about the first year and a half of Aiden’s life I sat by him in church and rubbed is fuzzy head for luck… his hair was so soft!  And my boys love Bryce!  They could play with him forever.  We love their family and especially these sweet boys!!  Congratulations on your choices fellas!  We are very proud of you!


Senior Portrait Time

Welcome!!  If you are visiting because you are interested in a Senior photo session click on the Contact Me link at the top of my website pages, and fill out the form.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I hope to meet you soon!  Have a wonderful day!

Practice With the Hubby

After a class on lighting with Chris and Deanna Duncun at the Texas School of Professional Photography, and most recently Dave Newman’s Night School for Photography, I made the decision that a strobe for location shoots would be a great tool in my photography “tool belt”.  I’ve been a location “natural light” shooter for awhile now, and though I love the look of soft natural light, sometimes days are overcast and gray, and at sometimes it’s just too dark for a good clean portrait with a respectable ISO.  Sometimes a nice, soft strobe is just what your subject needs to give them a pop, so I bought one!  Of course, I needed to test it out, so I took my handsome husband out and took a few shots of him in the Layton Park by our home.  You can give me your opinion, but I think they look great!