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Bradford’s 2022

For the first 17 years of our married life we lived in the same home in East Layton.  One of the families that we became friends with when we moved in was the Bradfords.  She became the ward choir pianist when I was the director, and is so talented we sang pieces she wrote.  My oldest was born just a months after her youngest so it was fun to have kids close in age.  Since they moved we she became my Mary Kay lady (to make sure I see her every so often,) and we even went to Garth Brooks together a couple months ago.  Such wonderful people, and so photogenic!!  We are so grateful they are our friends!


Playing in the Studio

I’ve never shot in a studio before, so the other night my friend Heike Bammann and I had some fun playing around in hers.  We moved lights all around, learned to meter for studio lighting, and posed each other.  I now have a understanding of how awkward posing can be!  It was a lot of fun, so I thought I’d post a couple favorites.  Thanks so much Heike, we’ll have to get together again soon.