Flow Posing Workshop

           So I love photography education!  Photography tips, lighting, posing, Photoshop, Marketing… Anything!!  About a few weeks ago (before I went on a fabulous vacation!) I went to a class put on by the Professional Photographers of Utah.  This particular “workshop” focused on “Flow Posing,” and the instructional portion was giving by Scott Snedden, the owner of DIY Photography of Clearfield.

The best way I define flow posing is the art of making the body flow systematically and uniformed.   We watched him take a subject pose them on a chair and take the shot, move the hands and take a shot, move closer to the subject take a shot, more around the subject and take a shot, move the legs and take a shot.  He took full body, 3/4, and close-up, before moving the subject to the ground, or having them stand up.  Than he’d move out (or zoom out) again and start the process over.  Scott said that Flow Posing made it possible for the photographer to get a large amount of different and unique images in a short amount of time.  He emphasized taking enough pictures during a pose to ensure perfect exposure and sharpness, and then moving on to the next pose.   This way you get the pictures you need, pictures your client is happy with, and have a variety of poses for your portfolio.  This was an awesome workshop, and an awesome way to shoot!  Thanks so much PPU and Scott Snedden!

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