The Lovely Boams

Last Tueday I met the Boams at Jensen Park in Syracuse for a family photography session.  It was a beautiful evening!  The weather was perfect after weeks of grey, rainy days.  I always love being around their family.  I’ve known Julie for years.  She taught yoga classes for our church at the same time I taught cross training classes.  We’ve supported each other in church choir on numerous occasions, and I have taught Bella voice and piano lessons for over a year now.  Some people are put in your life to brighten your days with a hug or a smile, to help you when you need it, to always give support… and Julie is definitely one of those people for me.  Boam family, I hope you treasure your images, it was a pleasure creating them for you!

One observation on “The Lovely Boams
  1. Julie

    Thank you, thank you! They are gorgeous and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! You are amazing!


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